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(shhhh, pretend I'm working) - Ravyn's Ravings and Ramblings
(shhhh, pretend I'm working)
You see, this is the problem with me. I am the most obsessive person I have ever met. (I have, by the way, been assured by a qualified psychiatrist that I am not manic, or manic-depressive, or obsessive compulsive or anything else.) I just completely go overboard with anything and everything that interests me. And when I get hold of something it's like a dog with a rag in it's mouth. I won't let go, just keep shaking it. I am supposed to be finishing a gown. Barring that, working on the new website. But I woke up all Buffy'd this morning and it won't go away, and I can't focus on anything else. Crap. We're supposed to start the new game tonight and I'm going to end up playing some weird version of a Buffy character, I know it, no matter what my character sheet says.

The other thing, that I was thinking about, was me and my taste in men. (Thinking about Spike, therefore must move to 'what I think makes a man unbelievably hot', lol). See for starters, I have a huge soft spot for the baddun's. You wouldn't believe the endless parade of losers I dated in my teens because they were just so 'bad'. I got a little older and wiser, and now I generally just admire them from afar, but I still need at least a strong streak of mischief. Add a deep, sexy voice and I'm struggling to keep my clothes on. ::wink:: Now mix that up with a little bit brooding and mysterious, yet still romantic and affectionate, and you've got my number. Special bonuses for pale, tall and willowy. Blonde is good too.

Spike just kills me.

Fortunately for me however, I am married to a wonderful, slightly tall and willowy (scrawny if I'm yanking his chain, lol) blonde haired, deep voiced, terribly romantic and affectionate man with a huge mischief streak. Being out on the water all the time, pale has kind of gone out the window, but how much more could I possibly ask for?

Okay, now i've gone from being all 'buffy'd' to being all 'god-I-miss-my-husband'. Buffy'd is more fun. Must go back to being Buffy'd. Where's that video?

Current Mood: obsessive
Current Music: "A Million Miles" Wolfsheim

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